Job Title: Director of Music & Arts (Part-Time)

Reports To: Minister Eligible for Overtime: Yes

Salaried or Hourly: Hourly ($25 per hr)

Scope of Position: 7 hrs/wk (includes rehearsal time)

Supervisory Duties: None Volunteers: Yes


General Purpose: Supports and Facilitates the church’s mission by preparing and performing musical pieces according to the church’s liturgy. Nurturing, coordinating, scheduling, and overseeing the Music & Arts ministry of the church.

  • Coordinates year-long, comprehensive plans for Music & Arts as part of Sunday worship services in cooperation with Minister and other Musicians.

  • Communicates with minister, musicians, and BFCC Staff regarding logistical details on Sunday mornings.

  • Schedules and Directs Choir and/or other musicians for worship services on a regular basis.

  • Choral directing responsibilities include choosing anthems, responses and other choral selections appropriate to liturgical theme for worship services; preparing music for rehearsals; helping maintain a choral library and resources.

  • Holds a rehearsal (evening or Sunday) with the church Choir 2-4 times a month.

  • Recruits new choir members and communicates with choir and musicians prior to Sunday morning.

  • Performs music for special services/occasions of the church.

  • Works with the Minister to choose and plan diverse musical offerings for Sunday Morning Worship Services (including hymn selections, special music, responses, anthems, offertories).

  • Attends and participates in Sunday worship by leading hymns and possibly accompanying hymns or providing special music.

  • Performs other duties as assigned by Supervisor.

Minimum Requirements:

Education: Prefer undergraduate degree in music from an accredited educational institution (this could be in process), Conservatory, or School of Sacred Music, as well as familiarity with Christian liturgy, sacred music, and hymnody. (church-related work experience could outweigh formal education)

Experience: Demonstrated experience in developing, implementing, and sustaining an adult Choir, accompanying and directing. Implementing and nurturing diverse music and arts programs. Prefer accomplished pianist and/or organist with good sight-reading ability.