Here is a gal that was raised by the UMC. Not just raised but nurtured and cultivated for many years. The UMC afforded me gifts into ministry...I mean big gifts. I would not be a pastor without the remarkable experiences I had within the UMC community. I think of them often. I think of the local church I came out of. I think of the crazy awesome programming I was a part of and glean from in my own ministry today. I think of the mentor after mentor I had during my college years. I think of the people, oh, the so loving people. This gal, was also never taught to be exclusive. There was not one part of my upbringing in the UMC that I felt that God did not love all people. So, this news is sad. Devastating, in fact. An institutional failure, for sure. So, today and tomorrow I will put energies towards other big news of our LGBTQ community this week. Because if the UMC taught me anything it was to put my faith into action. I will pray for those in Washington doing the good work of resisting injustices by testifying before the House Armed Services Committee fighting for the rights of our transgender soldiers. 
Onward my friends, we have work to do.